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Brave Bags

From Mrs. Phillips:


"As an educator I believe that it is very important for me that I teach my students how to put others before themselves​​. I wanted to do a service project with my sixth grade students to show them that they can make a difference in lives at any age. My 2016 class came up with a list of service project ideas, and we made the final decision to make care packages for people in the hospital. I decided to focus on children that are hospitalized so the students could better put themselves in their shoes and introduce to them the importance of empathy. I asked the sixth graders to help me come up with a list of  things they could do while in a hospital room or even bedridden. From there I contacted a few local hospitals for other items that would be beneficial for patients. I then came up with the name Brave Bags.

In our first year we had a goal of making 50 Brave Bags. We put flyers up in businesses around town and asked the Humboldt Independent to help us get the word out. We had an overwhelmingly positive response from our community and we were able to make 121 Brave Bags!

The goal for year two was to continue the growth of the organization. The students set a goal of 150 Brave Bags. Through the growing support of the community, the students were able to create 200 Brave Bags! All 200 Brave Bags were donated to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital.

Annual Goal: This year my sixth grade class has decided that our goal would be to make 250 Brave Bags.The bags will​​ be going to Fort Dodge Trinity Regional Medical Center and the University of Iowa Children's Hospital.

How it all started:



The mission of Brave Bags is to teach the students to put others needs before their own and that they can make a positive impact in our world at any age. We want to support hospitalized children and remind them of their bravery.

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